Survivor Quotes

11 years ago I joined the Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat team.  At the time, I thought I had joined for my children.  It was after a year of chemotherapy treatments, radiation treatments, and two surgeries.  I wanted to show them that there was life after  breast cancer.  Being part of this team; being surrounded by such positive and enthusiastic women has made me realize, in the end, I really joined for me. – Heather M.

With Spirit & Courage we meet the challenge. Paddles up ! – Lenora B.

Survivors Abreast is a kinship.  We are a team of survivors who have had a life changing experience and when we are on the water, our fears and anxieties drift away.  Survivors Abreast is a life-line of support on and off the water.  Did I mention the best part?  We have fun! – Marilyn B.

We all share a common bond. A great group of individuals who have supported me through many ups and downs in my life. Not sure where I would be without them. I am proud to be a part of this group. – Ann G.

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer was a scary and stressful thing.  I think about it every day even if it’s just a fleeting thought.  But when I am paddling, even though I am surrounded by cancer survivors, somehow I don’t think about having Breast Cancer.  Paddling keeps me in the moment and I feel safe. Michelle T.

I feel such joy in my heart and spirit to be a part of a team that gives so much to its members and community!  Being a member of Survivors Abreast raise my spirit for living a full life following my breast cancer. Peggy Q.

Survivors Abreast is a cocktail of passionate, feisty, caring, hard working, determined and wonderful beings.  It’s an honour to paddle with them.  They have changed my life. I love them to pieces! ” – Pam Birrell

Being on SA has given me a reason plus the motivation to stay fit. Heather W.

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