PRHC Breast Assessment Centre tour

On May 1st the executives of Survivors Abreast and the festival committee took a tour of the Breast Assessment Centre and the Jessie Dysart radiation facility to see the impact of the festival donations for diagnostic equipment and cancer care has made to the community.

For example, the tour highlighted the PRHC’s new ultrasound that arrived in the Breast Assessment Centre in late February 2014 and the new Voice Recognition Software now in use by PRHC’s radiologists.

Dr. Sally Harvie was onsite to give her feedback on behalf of patients as well as the Manager and Director responsible for the Breast Assessment Centre and the Manager of the Norm and Jessie Dysart radiation facility. Also, it was an opportunity to see the recognition signage that is in the waiting room of the radiation facility near the reception desk.

On behalf of both executives, thank you Lesley Heighway (CEO/President, PRHC Foundation, for arranging the tour.
DBF and SA 002-2 DBF and SA 004

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